Sunday, May 30, 2010

GRADUATION DAY & "How You Live (Turn Up The Music)"

Today is graduation day!! 

Yes, today my second oldest grandson, Zachary, graduates from high school.  Do I feel older?  Not really -- after the first and second graduation, the third one doesn't even phase me!!  I am just wondering how it got here so fast.  I still remember the day, like it was yesterday, when he was almost two and he ran down the hill in our back yard and just jumped into the pond.  Good thing mom was right there to jump in and save him.  (All of the grand kids did this -- but it never gets easier.)  The rule at this house is no kids at the pond unless mom is with them (even when they wear life jackets).  So today I am posting Zak's graduation card.  I'm sorry about how scrunched up the first picture is, but I don't know how to fix it.  So right-click and select "open in new tab" to get the correct picture. 
Here is the front.  I used a "safe" style; trifold an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of Close to Cocoa cardstock.  Stamped with the new "Go, Graduate" stamp set and colored with water pen.  Used "To the Nines" speciality designer paper and a "round" Star designer brad with VersaMark and some old Baroque Burgundy embossing powder (yes, I still have tons of this).

This is the inside, showing the pocket to insert "moola" (is that how this is spelled??).  I have been saving up U.S. Savings Bonds for about ten years and am ready to give them away for Zak to store.  Of course there is some "instant cash" going in the pocket -- hey, the guys gotta get gas and book money for college!!  I used the "Happy Grad" stamp (love this) that I won from Ronda, along with the "Go, Graduate" stamps again.  I love both of these new graduation stamps in the Summer Mini, I so hope they will be in the new catalog and around for a while as there is so much you can do with them.

And finally, I'm leaving you with a beautiful song today, "How You Live."  I saw this on another blog and after listening to it, I knew I had to share with all of you.  Don't ask me how I downloaded it, because I can't remember.  All I know is it took the whole day with my dial-up connection.  That just tells you how much I loved it.  The reason:  well, when you get my age, you understand life a little better and (hopefully) are a little wiser.  So many of my friends are going through challenging times right now with deaths and everyday struggles that I really wanted to share about living every day to the fullest.  In the grand scheme of things, LIFE IS SHORT. 

Keep God in your life and live every moment like it is your last!!  Sandi

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Hello All!!

What a beautiful day in MICHIGAN!!!  Why am I inside instead of outdoors pulling weeds???  Well probably because I had to get in my studio this morning and stamp some waaaaay overdue cards to get in the mail and hand out tonight.  I spent the day yesterday (in-between the normal wify duties) with my grand-daughter showing her how to make a rag purse.  Of course, being the artist she is, she had to have just the "right" accessories for her purse.  So picking these items out took forever.  Then she was having a hard time cutting material with my sewing scissors (Ronda -- please get the scissor sharpener guy to come to a meeting, I need him).  Anyway, she got almost all her 135 pieces of her material cut using the Big Shot Square Scallop Bigz Die and will be back another day to do her sewing. 

I loved my day with her as it has been a long time since any of my grand kids have been here for the entire day.  We had time to sit and talk for an hour or so about life (she is 15.5 years old, and has many things on her mind about being a teenager).  So after begging me to make my famous grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch (her words, not mine), we enjoyed discussing all the pitfalls of being a teenager.  Then of course her mom invited herself for dinner and we all got to spend some more special time together. 

The satellite repairman arrived before noon to install coax (sp?) wiring between basement TVs and when he came in, I introduced him to my grand-daughter.  The first thing that came out of his mouth was, "Oh, you are building memories."  I swear that is exactly what he said -- and he wasn't more than 25 years old!!  It floored me because those are the exact same words I always use when I am with my kids, grand kids.  It was so refreshing to here this from a young man.  He also went on and on about all of my cards and wanted to know if he and his girlfriend could come to classes (my grand-daughter lost a beat when he said "girlfriend" I think, because I could tell she noticed how handsome he was -- you know that little sparkle in the eyes, etc.).  Anyway in honor of the men and boys in our life, here are a couple of cards I made.

This is a CASE of a beautiful card I received from Sharon Field.  Go HERE to see her card.  I changed it a tiny bit to make it a birthday card for my grandson.  You have to right-click and open in a new tab to see all the great detail in the water.  I loved doing this because I love the sponging technique.

This is also a CASE, but from Stampin' Up!!  Yes, this is a discontinued stamp set that I bought specifically for my husband -- AND NEVER USED!!  So for our anniversary this month I pulled it out, and stamped away.  I loved this very simple card because of the different layout.  He thought I took the whole day to make it (shhh, don't tell him it only took about 10 minutes and most of that time was looking for the supplies).  So even tho the set is discontinued, I will be using this layout again with a current stamp set.

I hope you enjoyed seeing some masculine cards today -- so different for me, as I am a flower person.  Enjoy the beautiful weather and thanks for stopping by.  Sandi

Friday, May 14, 2010

Late Mother's Day and Purse

Good Morning America!!

Rain, rain, go away!!  I guess we Michiganders just aren't happy unless we have sunshine every day -- which will never happen here in Michigan.  Yes, I know we need the rain for our Spring flowers; but give me a break for at least one day. 

So today I am going to my studio and make more purses, as both my granddaughters want their own like I made for their mom on her birthday (pictures below).  You will notice this one is larger with a flap over the top -- special request from my daughter.  This was my "purse from Hell."  Everything that could happen, happened!  I think I went through 3 needles, tore it apart more times than I could count, and still ended up with a couple of "oops."  And I hate doing the handles to the purses. So wouldn't you know, the only thing my daughter wanted changed (if I wouldn't mind) was the length of the handle -- she wanted it longer.  Of course, like any good mother, I said no problem (if she only knew!!).  She did really like it, both with scallops and reversed without scallops.

The front.

Side with pocket.


These 2 cards are Mother's Day cards that I forgot to post.  The Elements of Style card above was painted with Crystal Effects prior to attaching to Whisper White cardstock (which was embossed with the Lattice Embossing Folder and sponged with inks).

I originally made this for my swap cards to hand out at Ronda's last RubberQueen meeting, but I had so many left over I decided to change the sentiment and use for a Mother's Day card.  If you right-click on this card to open in a new tab, you will be able to see all the Smooch Spritz added -- it really dressed up the card.  And yes, that is the Tulip Bigz Die used for the flower vase.

Well after writing this post and remembering how I messed up on the above purse, I think I will pass on starting another purse today.  It is really a lot more than what I want to handle today.  Instead,  I think I will finish making a card that I am casing for my next post. 

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!! Sandi

Monday, May 10, 2010


Happy Day Everyone!!

Well my pampering is over -- but it was awesome while it lasted.  My daughter, Deborah, had the whole family over to her place for Mother's Day yesterday, which was the first time I had seen her new house since she had unpacked.  Saturday night she decided to pull all the carpeting up in the living and dining rooms as it was gross.  You could not believe the beautiful original oak flooring underneath.  This home was owned by one owner, and I think it was built the year I was born (so that would make it 29 yrs. old?!?! -- LOL).  Anyway, she cooked steaks on the grill and veggies -- delicious!!  Then while she was setting up dinner she made one of her famous chocolate, chocolate cakes from scratch (the one on the Hershies Cocoa Box) so we could celebrate her son's/my second oldest grandson's birthday after dinner (he turns 18 today).  Simply beautiful day, with everybody there.  Now back to reality today!!

So I thought I would celebrate Mother's Day a little longer by showing you pictures of my 6" x 6" baby shower game/child's album.  What does this mean?  Well, you play the game at the baby shower and then when it is over you give the new mom the book to use as an album.  Mom has many choices at this point:  keep it assembled as is; cut the pages in half and put in 6" x 6" album; or cut and make page layouts for larger album.  This album uses one-half of the Cool Kids Scrappin' Kit to make 24 pages; and still enough left over to embellish larger pages.  The fun thing is, she can flip over the directions and each note (inside the envelopes) is all set to pop in picture or journal (switch brads on notes to back side also). 

Matching box to hold game/album and front of album using On Board So Tweet chipboard. 

 Rules of the game, which can be flipped over to plop in picture with mat behind.

The rest of these pictures are in no particular order, just showing the different page layouts (did I tell you there are 24 pages in this mini album???) 

 Close up of a note with game directions.  Each layout has different game instructions.  Mom can flip this card over (has same stamped image on back) and use for journaling or whatever.

I did have to use a rub-on so it says "me & you"  There was no "you" in the kit.


I love this page because I got to use my "Woody" stamp (this might have been in my discontinued rubber stamps).

Remember to right-click on the pictures and select "open in new tab" if you want to see larger detail in the picture.  I loved doing this project, and did not even do it for anything special.  I made it after I went to my niece's baby shower and seeing one that was not decorated.  (I'm assuming the pages were blank so mom could complete.)

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Good Morning America!!!

Yes, buy the time I finish typing this post it will be after 12:01 a.m. Thursday morning. Now I know why Tamie updates her blog in the middle of the night -- no interruptions.

Today was a day full of interruptions for me. Tuesday and Wednesday most of my day was taken up with service men. What is it about Spring that makes everything break down or you start thinking about updating? I guess I won't be getting an updated kitchen this year, as my husband decided to finish off the pond by putting a sealer all around it (no, I don't know the technical name that the pond guy calls it). Hopefully, by putting the sealer all around the pond, our electric bill will go down in the Summer because I won't have to keep turning on the pump for the pond well (my electric bill in the Summer is double what it is in the Winter). The pond is not spring fed, so I always have to fill it up in May as it is down about 10 feet (which takes about a week of the well running to get it filled). Then the rest of the Summer, I usually turn it on each weekend because I swear when the kids come over to swim, all the water splashes out when they dive in (kinda like when they were little and taking their baths). Before they can spray the sealer on, we have to drain more water out, then they will spray all around the pond with the mixture that will expand and harden to form the sealer, so the water doesn't seep through the sand. Sounds to me like when it is done it will end up like a swimming pool, but it is a pond??? I will have to make sure I take pictures of before, during, and after as I am curious how this is going to work myself.

Anyway, would you like to see some samples??? Well, I just bet you would! So here you go:

Beautiful Card done by Sandy Haynes, using new Island Oasis Designer Paper and Tropical Party stamp set in the Summer Mini Catalog.

I made this birthday card for my sister using ALL SU PRODUCT: even the cardboard box (layered on Crushed Curry) is from SU!!. Also used the Tulip Bigz Die for the flower pot, lot of shimmer spray, Smooch Spritz (Gold Gloss & Log Cabin), Mostly Vintage Decor Stencil, and Watercolor Trio stamp set.

I made this birthday card for my daughter, using of course my new favorite stamp set: Elements of Style (embossed in gold embossing powder).

Little treats I made for my last card and scrapbooking classes using the 5-petal Bigz Die and new Flower Punch (and some chocolate of course -- no tea bags for these ladies!!)

And finally, I had to show you this picture of Lisa Ashton's scissor charm, using the paper bead technique. She made these for all her downline. I totally loved this so she sent me a picture to show all of you. I will be making some of these for sure as soon as I get the material.

I hope you enjoyed these projects, I know I did. Let me know what you think.


Sunday, May 2, 2010

This and That

Good Evening!!
Today is going to be a "this and that" day. A little of this and a little of that (sounds like a lot of my dinners). So after showing you my last three projects from Ronda's Spring Event, I will show you a couple of the other presenter projects. I do have to apologize because I didn't get pictures of all the presentations -- just ran out of time as Ronda keeps us moving along doing all the make'n takes, eating lunch, and demonstrating. Hey we don't let any dust gather under our tushes (is that how it's spelled???). You know what I mean, and if you don't, life will still go on.

So, without further ado, here they are:

Yes, I'm still working on my Family Heritage Album!! These pages feature the Presto Patterns Speciality Paper (frames); Mini Vintage Tags; Smooch Spritz; Rough Type alphabet, Happy Grad, and Elements of Style stamp sets; and Mostly Vintage Decor Stencil from the new Summer Mini. I also added some paper beads to the 1 1/2" Twill Tape. The direct link to the tutorial for the Paper Beads is from Carole'Anne Sluchinski's Blog, "Stamping Stress Away with Carole'Anne."

And my last Elements of Style card using the Scalloped Oval Bigz Die.

I loved, loved, loved Tamie Ackerson's wrapping paper made with the new Builder Wheels. You really needed to see this in person, as it really looked like designer paper. I was NOT going to get these wheels, but they are at the top of my list now! Thank you Tamie

Wow, isn't this just the prettiest page!! Tricia Bloomfield was presenting projects using the Presto Patterns Speciality Paper and Mostly Vintage Decor Stencils. I will be casing this for my Heritage album. Tricia always has the most outstanding album pages (and my style).

Both Tamie and Tricia had other gorgeous projects, so aren't you sorry you did not attend Ronda's RubberQueens Spring Event??? Well there will be another one coming up in a couple of months, so check back.

My next post will feature a few more pictures of other presentations and some personal projects I worked on in May. Thanks for stopping by and have a great day!!