Thursday, August 9, 2012


Thank goodness I have an excuse to sit down!!!  Been cleaning non-stop since yesterday at 5:30 a.m. (except that 4 hr. nap last night), and still can't say I have one room completely done.  But only a couple more windows to clean, and then things will go a lot faster.  If I only had to clean the glass, it would take no time at all -- but then I have to wash all the trim, then I move on to the walls, by then the floor has gotten dirty, and I have to polish all the furniture around the window.  I actually spent 4 hours purging my files yesterday and filing new stuff that I have had sitting for 3 months back in the folders.  (I went over to do my first window and decided I couldn't wash the window until I cleaned off my desk -- you know how that goes!!)  I'm thinking that maybe it is time for me to hire somebody to clean my house once a week.  I know my mom had somebody when she was my age (or maybe younger), so why should I feel guilty??  But then I don't know if I could handle it after doing it myself all these years.  My dear husband hires somebody to do all of his work, but then he ends up standing there watching them the whole time -- so what is the point???  I'd love to hear your reason why I should or shouldn't hire somebody -- maybe it will help me decide.

Okay, my break is just about over, so I need to tell you about the cards I'm posting today.  The first four cards (Christmas) were done for Ronda's RubberQueen meeting on Tuesday.  I won a jar of the Peppermint Embossing Powder the month before, so I was to bring 4 samples using the product to this month's meeting.  Of course I forgot until the last minute, but came up with these really quick cards.

Scentsational Season Stamp Set with Peppermint Embossing Powder.

Another Scentsational Season Stamp Set with Peppermint Embossing Powder on Glossy White Card Stock.

No Peeking Stamp Set with Peppermint Embossing Powder and Festival of Prints Designer Series Paper Stack.

And lookie what is inside!!

Another card using No Peeking Stamp Set, Peppermint Embossing Powder, and Baja Breeze Classic Ink brayed over the top of Very Vanilla Card Stock (Emboss Resist Technique).

One of the make'n takes from Convention 2012.  The bottom-right panel is a little mini album -- so very cute!!

Another make'n take from Convention 2012.

Well my break time is over, and I have a few more chores I want to complete before I get comfy for the night.  Hopefully I will get time to post again before my company gets here next week.

Until then,
"For we walk by faith, not by sight."  -- II Corinthians 5:7
Lord, give me the courage to walk out in faith to answer Your call.