Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Birthday's Are So Much Fun!!

Who said getting old is no fun???? Well, take it from me folks, they don't know what they are talking about. Last month was my birthday, but I received an awesome surprise in the mail last week from my very best friend, Eva. We roomed together after both of us graduated, right up until we both got married (yes, we both got married approximately the same time so we would have somebody else to live with -- LOL). We also worked together at MSU. Our desks sat right next to each other until our supervisor separated us because we laughed too much. She is also the Godmother to my girls and loves to scrapbook. She lives in Arizona now, so I hardly ever see her. Boohoo!!

Anyway, today I am doing something that I never, ever do -- displaying a card that does not use Stampin' Up product. Please forgive me Shelli -- it will never happen again! Eva made this card for me (as she has done for years), and I just had to show it off because I loved it so much. Not only because it is beautiful, but because SHE made it just for me. And yes, this will go in my scrap book, as it needs to be enjoyed for many more years by my children, grandchildren, and future generations. Just like I do when I look at my mother's pictures and clippings that she preserved. So the moral of this story is that everybody loves to receive a hand-made card (and yes, I'm sending her one in the mail tomorrow)!

I have no idea how to describe the card, but I'll try my best. The base is black, with pink layers on outside and inside. The design is all one piece of black embroidered flowers and leaves adhered to pink cardstock. She attached white flower brads on this, with little silver beads and added pearls in the middle of black flowers. Tomorrow I am going to make a card based on this card for my inspiration. I hope it turns out so I can post. WARNING: Usually my interpretations don't turn out, and I get this look from my sister like, "Oh my gosh, what were you thinking!" So can't promise anything for sure.

Thanks for stopping by! Brighten someones day by sending them a card made by you!!


  1. Nice card. I think the word you were looking for when we were talking on the phone to describe the flower roping is: a frog. That is what they used to call the decal thingy you used to buy to applique on your clothes "a frog"

    I guess I have not been in the sewing department that much lately so have not seen these. Pretty cool, love the textured effect.

  2. Sandi, it's beautiful. I have a thing for pink & black and I love to see something a little different every now and then. This really is a treasure.

  3. Sandi, the card is beautiful and I'm sure you'll have no problem copying it. Lynn

  4. Love these colors together Sandi, a fabulous card!