Sunday, April 18, 2010

April Card Class

Good Morning America!!

(I just love that saying!) Well today is another busy day. I am having the family and their friends over to celebrate my daughters' birthdays. Tricia (the baby was 39 years old on April 11) and Deborah (the middle daughter will be 41 on April 27) are celebrating their birthdays together this year due to time schedules for everybody. The older they and the grandkids get, the harder it is to get everybody together with the work and play schedules for all the adults and grandkids. So that makes the celebrations even more special.

I sat here this morning while these pictures were uploading and started thinking back to when they were born (starting with my oldest, Christina, who turned 42 on March 31). Yes, I had 3 girls all under three years old, but fortunately back in those days we potty trained starting at 9 months old, so I never had more than one in "real diapers" at any given time; all eating table food around 9-10 months old; and not ever having experienced a diaper rash (so much for the ads today that say "real diapers" cause diaper rash!). They never had an ear or throat infection, but a couple of times I did have to use the Vicks vaporizer for colds. That was the extent of my problems: a few colds! Now you know why I say I have been blessed. Oh, and did I mention they didn't use pacifiers back then (or maybe they did and nobody told me about them???). Back then when they were fusy, we put them in the "car bed" -- yep, didn't have seat belts then, you just held your baby or put them in a car bed that had little metal arms to fit over the back seat -- and away we would go for a drive until they went asleep. It really helped because we had a little Volkswagon Beetle Bug and they loved the sound of that engine purring right under them (engine was in the back).

So I won't bore you with my memories anymore and will get down to business by showing you what the ladies did at my card class yesterday.

This card was cased from Ronda's last upline meeting (I love it because she provides all of us samples for our monthly workshops). I did add the Chocolate Chip Base that went through the Big Shot with embossing folder.

Here it is opened, and showing the pocket to insert a gift card or money.

This is another card using the stamping off technique, which I cased from somewhere (I saw it and didn't save it, but it stuck in my head believe it or not). It may be a little different than the original -- but I can't say for sure. The gals loved this card as it was easy, but a real WOW for that teenage boy in your life.

Don't fall over, but I didn't CASE this from anybody. The ladies had the option of stamping the inside with a Father's Day or Birthday sentiment. This was colored with our Water Color Crayons, and this was another favorite of the ladies (and mine too because I just love this stamp).

And finally, another CASE from Ronda's demonstrator meeting. Isn't this just gorgeous!! All of my gals love two-step stamping so this was a big hit. They also had the option to stamp this with the "Happy Mother's Day" greeting. The inside was stamped with the three flowers also, but forgot to get picture of inside.

Well I'm off to wrap birthday gifts and make food, but thanks for stopping by and looking. Leave me a comment and let me know which one you like the best.

Happy Stamping!! Sandi

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  1. Like the first three cards they are all different and really cool. But cannot say that i like this new comment section. I like where I can see the picture as I describe what I am talking about.