Saturday, August 22, 2009

HERE IT IS . . .

Okay ladies, don’t you just love my surprise for you today!! I love, love, love all of these cards. Yes, I made all of them, but sadly I can’t take the credit for any. They were all designed by Ronda Wade, and offered at one of her “Classes to Go” events recently.

Most of you probably know Ronda . If you don’t know her, then you have missed out. She has been awarded #1 SU Demonstrator of the Year for 3 of the past 4 years, was the first demonstrator to ever be picked twice for the SU Advisory Board, and went on Cruise all 8 years she has been a demonstrator. She is the leader of the RubberQueens, who have been in the Top 5 for sales in the company for the last 6 years. She does monthly meetings with all her downline to provide motivation, training, and workshop samples. And I am lucky enough to have her as my upline!! I could go on and on about her achievements, but she would absolutely kill me if she read this.
I have to add, however, Ronda’s forté is training her downline to build their business. The good news is she now offers Personal Training for all demonstrators!! You really need to check out her blog (click here) to find out how you can build your business.  I promise you, what she offers is unique and worth every penny of what she charges. I signed up as a Demonstrator because it was my hobby, and had no intentions of doing more than my minimums – still feel that way. But with Ronda’s guidance, I have sales way over my minimums, classes, and new recruit offers – and I’m not even trying (honest). I am sharing this with you because I read so many forums on SCS about demonstrators struggling to get their business up and running and/or having no upline. One of our company's taglines is to “share,” and this is one of the ways I can share with you by getting the word out that there is a way to build your business.

So my surprise today is twofold: four beautiful cards you can use at your workshops/classes and an option for building your business. And speaking of cards, did you notice all four of these cards were done with our new “Very Thankful,” Ronald McDonald Making a Difference stamp set? I don’t usually share pictures of card classes I attend, but these are so awesome in real life (we all know our pictures don’t do justice to the real thing). I will be doing these at my next card class because my customers love these quick WOW cards (that’s a whole other story) & because they show the versitility of one stamp set. Don’t you just love that turtle, and how about the boy holding the heart?? Sorry, can you tell these are my favorites.

I hope you liked my surprise, leave a comment and let me know what you think. And thanks for stopping by, Sandi


  1. What a great set of cards using the RMHC stamp set!

  2. Love the cards you made with the thank you set. It looks like a great set. All the cards are great