Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Hello my stamping friends!!

Yep, I'm back for the day (or at least right this moment).  What a "ride" this last month has been.  You already heard my "corn blasting story" and the need to remove everything from my house to clean out the "corn dust particles" in my last post.  Worked right up to the moment my brother arrived from New Mexico (last Monday) for a family reunion picnic day at at my place last Wednesday.  Two of my out-of-town sisters arrived the night before (last Tuesday), and all was going great until 2:30 a.m. on Wednesday (yep, the big day when everybody else was going to arrive). 

At 2:30 a.m., I'm asleep with my sister out on our back porch couches when I was awoken by a big explosion and a flash of white light.  I thought the windows (which cover all 3 walls on the porch) were blown up and my sister was sleeping right next to them.  Woke her up with my scream to ask if she was okay and she thought I was crazy and just dreaming (I just don't know why people don't believe me).  There were no lights and it was pitch dark, so I assumed that the storm had knocked out our power.  I lay back down and started thinking, "why is the generator running and we still don't have any lights???"  So woke my sister back up and she just said, "yep, that is strange, now go back to sleep."  So I go outdoors to make sure it was the generator I am hearing, yep!!  Go back in and trip over a bunch of stuff getting to my husband to wake up and he looks at me and says, "just go back to sleep, you are dreaming."  Okay, so I say to myself, "I must be really going crazy."  Next thing I know my husband must have thought about it and realized the generator was running, but we had no power and he got up and went outside.  He turned the generator off and told me there was nothing he could do until morning so we all went back to bed.  Got up the next morning, and walk out to the living room in my p.j.'s to see our electrician standing there (thank goodness, he has seen me in my p.j.'s before -- that is another long story).  So let me cut to the chase:  Our house was hit by lightening, or I should say the big Oak tree next to the pond was hit, traveled to the outdoor light and pond well pump (blew both of those up); traveled up to the back of the house into my basement studio, then over to the main power box where our power surge protector was (blew that up -- but saved us from tons more damage). 

Ended up we started the picnic at 4 p.m., and had an awesome time with the family swimming and playing games (awesome food).  They all left the next day (Thursday) except my brother who left yesterday.  It was really great visiting with all of them and the kids, grandkids had a great time.  As far as our damages; I still have no phone service (fried the outside phone box), our electrician is digging the ground right now to lay new wire to our pond well and outdoor light and plugs to our pond; 2 out of 6 TV's were fried; satillite dish, hotwater box, underground dog fence, 2 circuit breakers, wall plugs, and many electric wires were fried.  But the Lord blessed us all by not having our house catch on fire or hitting anybody with lightening.  Plus He showered us with memories and good times to last for a long time.  What more can anyone ask for, thank you Lord!!!  However, if anybody would like to come over and kidnap me I will pay them a couple of hundred to get me away from all the workmen coming every day.

So that is my story for today (and I'm stickin to it).  I just know you were expecting a long post today because it has been over a week since I last posted.  You also know that every day in my life has "excitement" in it -- so thank goodness I only told you about the major "excitement"  -- trust me there was a lot more.

And of course, I need to reward you for reading this far (I hope), so here is a picture of a card I made to put with a gift for my Postmaster.  She went above and beyond the call for me this week tracking a package.  You don't find good customer service much any more, so when I do, I like to acknowledge with a thank you.  Nothing fancy, just a quick card and some gift cards in a box to let her know she is appreciated.

You can hardly see in this picture (unless you click to enlarge), but I used one of the new embossing folders that will be in the Holiday Mini coming out September 1.  So you are getting a sneek peek of the oval frame in the Textured Impressions Designer Frames (what a deal, you get two embossing folders).  Also used:  Elizabeth Stamp Set and my Personalized Stamp Set; Poppy Parade Card Stock and Stiched Poly Ribbon; and Paper Patterns In-Color Designer Series Paper Pack.
It was so simple, but looked so sweet when done -- hope you like.

Until next time,
"And in Your name, I will lift up my hands." -- Psalm 63:4
Lord, thank you for watching over my family and blessing us with beautiful memories of times spent together.  Create in me a contagious joy as I ride the unexpected turbulence of my days.


  1. Oh my, Sandi, what a story...even if it's not a "story" and you weren't dreaming. So glad you and your family are all okay. Sweet of you to share a card with all that is going on.

  2. Just when I think I have to much going on in my life I read something like this. So glad your okay but what a terrible thing to have happen. It would probably drive me crazy to have so many things go wrong all at once. If I wasn't so busy the next couple of days I'd come and get you and we could go somewhere far, far away.