Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Well how about that for a Title!?!?  Okay, I have wanted to do a "double" embossed card for ages, but the technique just wasn't clicking in my head (no surprise there).  Finally, after my 3rd different video, it clicked in my head.  So yesterday for my RubberQueen meeting swap, I decided, "Hey, now that the light-bulb went off and I understand this technique, why not do a "triple-embossed" swap card.  The card was very simple, it took me a lot longer to figure out the correct depth I needed for my shims (I think all Big Shots have a different pressure when rolling your embossing folders through them).  So after taking about 2 hours making all kinds of shims (for different types of embossing folders), it took about 5 minutes to do the actual card.  You can see Sage Kimble's video HERE on how to do double-embossing.  Thank you so much Sage for your great video and making "double-embossing" understandable for even people with a burned out light bulb!!  Here is my card:

Yes, this card is very, very plain!!!  I knew that and tried to add a ribbon or some other embellishment, but every time I did, it took away from the focus of the card -- which was the embossed flower.  So just use your imagination on what it what look like with an embellishment.  For the triple embossing I used the Tulip, Oval Designer Frame, and Flower Garden Embossing Folders.  I also used the Masking Technique (for a frame around the outside and oval in the middle) before stamping the background with the new Parlor Prints Background Stamp.
This was one of our Make'n Takes at Ronda's RubberQueen meeting last night:  a telescope snowman card.  I can't believe this is the first time I have made one -- so very cute!!  This is actually one I made this morning because the one I made last night looked like I was drunk (his mouth and eyes -- LOL).
Here it is all opened up.

I just had to show you my yearling buck standing right outside my studio door one morning.  It is not unusual for deer to be out there, but it is the first time I have gotten a good picture of a buck.  The sun was starting to go down for the evening -- usually they are here during the morning.  Click on the picture for a larger view -- he had all this fuzzy stuff on his antlers that I couldn't capture with my camera.

I received some awesome swap cards last night, and will be sharing some of those in my next update.

Until next time,

"I have showed you kindness, that ye will also show kindness. . . . -- Joshua 2:12
"Help me make the most of all You've given me, Lord." -- Rick Hamlin


  1. Is this the one you were talking about on the phone (snowman)? I love it. The double embossing card looks difficult but like you it is easier after looking at a video. I like the way it turned out and yes, any embellishing would take away from the flower. TFS

  2. I saw your swap card on Tamie's blog and was hoping you would share on your blog--thanks!! I never finish make n takes for that very reason (like I've had a couple too many!)

  3. Love the picture of the deer. I see some out here quite often but it's usually after I've barged out the door and all I see are the tail ends. Need to look out before I open the dooor.

  4. Great job on the triple embossing, Sandi. I don't think your light bulb is burned out at all! And I agree, any more embellishment would have been too much. thanks for the link to my video.

  5. Love the Parlor Prints card, now I'll have to buy that stamp too, thanks for leading me astray. LOL