Tuesday, April 17, 2012


What happens at Creative Escape Retreat?  Whatever happens at Retreat, stays at Retreat!!!  Okay if you really want to know, I will tell you it is always awesome; we are pampered, laugh a lot, make new friends and catch up with old friends, eat a lot, sleep very little, win lots of prizes, receive lots of goodies, and of course we do some crafting when we aren't doing all of the above (LOL). 

Ronda Wade and Tamie Ackerson deserve all the credit and then some, as they hosted a flawless retreat.  Tamie made the most awesome decorations and pillow gifts.  Ronda had so many prizes that I seriously doubt anybody went home without winning something.  All 62 ladies spent their time doing different crafts that they love.  Some sewed or created cards, scrapbooked pages, or 3-D items; or prepped for upcoming classes (as Cofounder and CEO of Stampin' Up, Sheli Gardner, would say:  crafting "your way").

As far as the juicy stuff that went on at Retreat, my lips are sealed!!  You will just have to attend the next one in October to find out.  However, I will show you a "few" of my pictures (click on the pictures to enlarge for better view):

This is our Retreat bag full of free product!!  The name tag and candy vase (with flower) were on our table when we arrived, and the purse and box (with product inside) were pillow gifts sitting on our table each morning.  Make sure you enlarge this picture to really see how cute these are.

My daughter, Tricia, won a new Big Shot!!!  First time I have seen her speechless!!!

We had 5 people in our "group corner."  Ronda did an awesome job pairing up friends/family so they could sit together.  This is one of my "adopted" daughters and customer, Amy Krumm (Tricia's table is right next to hers).

Ronda (holding bag) and Tamie drawing door prizes and a shot of the front room (gosh, looks like a lot of people went to bed already!!).

And our hostesses:  Tamie Ackerson (front-left) and Ronda Wade (back-right). 

The little 6" x 6" square on the left page (bottom-right) was one of our make'n takes that I converted into a 12" x 12", 2-page album spread.  I got the idea to convert the 6" x 6" page into a 12" x 12" spread from  my friend Patti Matejewski.

Close-up picture.

Close-up of other page.
I will post pictures of the other make'n takes and classes I took in my next post. 

Until next time,
"The Lord lifts up all who are falling and raises up all who are bowed down."  -- Psalm 145-14
Thank you Heavenly Father for always being my rock!


  1. looks like all had a good time, congratulations Tricia

  2. I had so much fun! Glad I got to sit with you!

  3. Ohhhhh, I love the red bag!

    Carol Bush

  4. So much fun! Loved every minute!! The girls who attended are such sweethearts.
    So many different talents represented. Sandi your daughter is so much like U.
    Joy to meet her. Does anyone know the stamp name we used on this 6x6? I thought it was from Baroque Motif but not.
    Missed ya Carol & yes it is a lovely bag.

    Till we all meet again in October

  5. just seeing all of the photos brought back the great weekend we had. Am looking forward to the next one in October. Thanks for the memories.