Friday, November 15, 2013


Yep, been heading down crazy street the last couple of weeks!!  I have been stamping like crazy -- but don't have "one" thing to show you.  And you ask, WHY?  Well, actually I have prepared about 300 cards and small projects for an upcoming craft event I am attending but they are mostly retired stamps and product.  I'm trying to downsize, so decided to pull out all my Christmas cards, swaps, and projects to finish them and hopefully sell some at an event I'm attending.  I couldn't believe how many card "kits" I had collected from different events/classes.  Fortunately, I have never given away any of my Christmas stamps, because I only buy what I love.  The problem was how long it took to find them -- hello!!!  I will never, ever again put a card in my cabinet unless it is totally finished.  And I haven't even started on my all-occasion cards! 

So today I am going to show you why I am going crazy.  I hate, hate, hate starting a new project without cleaning and putting away my tools, cardstock, stamps, etc.  I tried cleaning up after doing a few card kits, but learned very fast that it was taking way too long.  So after 13 days, this is what my craft room looks like (makes me gag!!):

This is the " halfway-clean" spot.

Overall view of messy, messy, crazy room!!

Had to move to larger work station for this job!!

Close-up of my temporary work station!!

Cutting, scoring, punch, and Big Shot space.

Christmas Cards boxed up to go!!

Desk on left is my "normal" work station.
Now you see why I am going CRAZY!!  Fortunately,tThis will all be cleaned up tonight so I can start tomorrow on my Everyday Occasions Card Kit for display at event -- Yippee!!

And of course I can't leave you without at least one current card from Creative Retreat class:

Such a cute card designed by Tamie Ackerson for one of the cards we had at the card class.

Until next time,
"I will rescue you . . . and I will redeem you with an outstretched arm."  Exodus 6:6


  1. I feel your pain, Sandi! I'm in the middle of craft fair chaos, myself :) But it's fun, isn't it? That's why we do it. I love your Santa card - could you tell me which punch you used, to make the 'slot' for the belt?
    Thanks so much - I always enjoy the projects you share :)

  2. I love it. My room looks very much like this. Only problem is that my room is bigger so more mess. I've got to get it looking somewhat neat by Tues. because I was dumb enough to tell my sister-in-law that she could have a jewelry party here.

  3. Mine looks like that every time it is a holiday season. Just remember.....CREATIVITY IS MESSY BUT OH SO WORTH IT! Good luck at your sale!

  4. IF ONLY my craft room looked like this and was as big - I would be in heaven! Mine is about a quarter of the size of yours - so I am jealous! LOL I have STACKS of paper/cardstock everywhere and I even have "containers" for it all, but alas, between homework and the full time job, no time to clean or stamp.