Wednesday, November 25, 2009


. . . And all through the house not a creature was stiring, just me and my mouse.  Now turkey and pies, potatoes and jello; dressing and vegetable, and rolls all ready to go.  Yep, the lights are down low.  My hubby is snoring and the dogs sleeping.  I love it, as my work is all done!!  Happy Thanksgiving to All!!  Actually, I am being treated for dinner tomorrow at my daughters.  She is having the whole family over there.  She called me tonight around 9:30 for the tenth time today asking for directions on cooking and in the end said, "boy, Mom, I don't know how you have done this all these years -- it sure is a lot of work."  I just laughed and told her I was so glad that I lived long enough to hear that from her.  Actually my other daughter was over there cooking with her, so she still doesn't fully appreciate all that goes into the preparations (plus we are bringing pies, cornbread casserole, and jello salad mold).  So I really got a chuckle out of her statement about how much work it is (I mean, she is doing the turkey and dressing).  I just love my girls -- yes, they are moody -- but I love every one of their moods!!

Sorry I can't upload any of my latest projects I've been working on this week, as it will spoil it for Ronda's technique event next Saturday.  Let's just say, I am very happy with at least 3 of the 6 projects I have finished.  Of course I like all of them, or I wouldn't take them -- but 3 of them are my personal WOW projects.    I always say "my WOW" because a WOW to me might not be a WOW for you.  I will probably do one more project, after I get my swaps done this weekend (which I can't wait to do because it is an awesome CASE -- I love to CASE!!).  Would you believe, I did not CASE one of my technique projects -- that is kind of scary isn't it.

Anywho, I still want to show you some awesome cards/projects, just not mine.  I took these pictures at a recent RubberQueen meeting.  I'm telling you, there are some very talented ladies out there, and we are so lucky they love Stampin' Up!! 

I don't know who did this beautiful decoration or the swap Medallion card below, but if either are yours, stand up and identify yourself so I can give you credit.

Build A Bear Purse by Melissa Roberts

Build A Bear clipboard by Melissa Roberts

Enjoy your turkey and pies, and thanks for stopping by!!


  1. Thanks Sandi for sharing.Beautiful greeting cards creations.Wish you a Happy Thanksgiving day.

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  2. Thanks for showing us Sandi, love the medallion lots of bling and the ornament is beautiful. From the Aussie to the Yank... Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  3. Happy Thanksgiving Sandi so glad to be back to the keyboard. Things are going slow I keep waiting for a nurse to come in and poke me with a needle. I took a lot out of me this time. But getting back to your pictures love the purse from Melissa. I just opened my box from over a week a go with all of the bear stuff in it plus I ordered 20 of the tins. This give me a good case idea. Yea, that blue decoration is beautiful.

  4. Hope you had a great thanksgiving! Are you out shopping today? LOL! I drove by the bridge (border town) and it was SO much traffic! My friend went at 4:30 this morning! Man, the shopping would have to be pretty sweet for me to get up that early!
    The medallion card is GORGEOUS!