Monday, January 18, 2010


Well have you missed me???  Please, somebody say "yes."  I told you I had to reorganize my studio because I ran out of room to store my punches.  I have also told anybody that would listen, "I will never put punches on my wall!"  The first statement is true, and the second statement I have to retract -- yep, I had to do it.  Stampin' Up keeps coming out with these beautiful new punches, and I ran out of room in my file drawers.  An even bigger reason for doing this was because my clients always have such a hard time finding the right punch, as I had them stored in 4 drawers (but very neatly - LOL).  Now they can go get what they want, and I think they will use them more.  Before I had it completed, a customer put in an order when she stopped by and noticed some punches she wanted. 

So a new wall went up on top of an old wall (didn't want a million holes in my wall from nails/screws).  After painting it white (thank you hubby for both!!), I decided it looked to blah.  Then came the bright idea to paint a mural of some sort.  Well, it is "some sort" for sure.  Okay, I'm not an artist -- everybody knows this!!  But you have to admit it adds color and I really felt like a kid again -- coloring on the wall.  I used so many stamp sets, Big Shot Dies, new colored SU vinyl, acrylic paints on stamps, and my fingers to finish this "thing."  I wanted Spring -- so at least I had a theme.  It was fun, and I'm glad I did it -- even tho it makes my studio look "junky."  This was very cheap to do, as I decided not to drive all the way to the Canton IKEA store and instead, recycled my old curtain rods from my patio doors, and the rest of the stuff I had just hanging out in my cabinets waiting for the right "moment."  Yes, I am a "green" person.

Without further ado, here are the pics of the new wall and a couple of the rest of the studio.

My new punch wall, with cutting & Big Shot stations below, and Big Shot dies/accessories on shelf above (also new).

Close-ups of my attempt to be artistic.

I used SU's vinyl for the house (I know, it's a little crude, but I plan on doing an addition to the house later).

I think Sally and Wallie got locked out of the house by her big brother, Stanley.

Don't you dare say a word about my tree!!

The long view of the samll room.  On the left is my antique desk I bought from my mom when I was 18 (huge and heavy oak), and on the right is my cutting and Big Shot stations.

This is my desk where I do all my stamping.  Everything I need is right in this area.  All my current stamp sets are in front of me labeled, inks, accessories, etc.  My 8 1/2" x 11" inch cardstock are in the IKEA file drawers next to my desk, sorted by color group, in separate hanging files for each color.

Work stations on left and right of the room.

Picture of room from the back patio looking in.

This is my "mini" kitchen/bar area -- small refrigerator behind bar and plates, napkins, cups, punch bowl, plastic silverware, coffee makings, etc., in cabinets on wall and under bar.

Sorry about all the pics, and for the quality -- I forgot to turn the lights on and too tired to take them over.  Tomorrow I get to start stamping with all my new Occasions product and I can't wait.  Classes are this Saturday, so I better be glued to the studio working.

Thanks for stopping buy and I hope you have a better idea of what my little area is like when I am working.


  1. I love your room especially the curtain rod idea. You helped me so much! Thank you.

    Lora Lee

  2. I love your tree and the flowers and everything else. It really looks cute. I still need to do something to brighten up my room. Got to get the floor done first and I hate the thought of doing that. But your room looks great.

  3. Love your room, got some great ideas for when I finally do mine. TFS

  4. Nice job Sandi, Love the comment about the kids being locked out of the house, pour Wallie he gets blamed for everything just because he is the baby!!!!! You used the space wisely on your wall. It is a lot bigger than I though it was going to be and like the use of the baskets at the bottom. Wish I could put something like this on my walls.

  5. WOW I was speechless when you said you did the murel!! Not that you aren't talented by I really though it was professional. Guess my little sister is multi-talented. I love the new "Wall". The only complaint I have is "How come it is always so CLEAN???"

  6. WOW what a great stamping area. You have lots of great ideas for storing your stuff.

  7. OMG that's a great space! (and I like your tree, btw) I thought that I had it made when I got my little bitty ol' office. You've got so much room and it's organized so well. I really like the curtain rods that hold your punches so that you can see them!

  8. holy cow, your craft area is HUGE! And so organized! I love having my punches on my wall, and I bet you will too.

  9. I'm so jealous!!! I wish I had a gorgeous stamping spot like this.

  10. Wow I really love your studio. I am dreaming of having one, one day.

  11. What a great work area! I really like your silver card display...where did you get it? Thanks in advance! :)

  12. Totally awesome stamping room Sandi! You must be thrilled! My hubby came into my stamping room and asked me if I ever get tired of being in here??? What kind of a question is that I ask you?? I think my response hurt his feelings . . . .LOL. I wish you many happy hours of stamping in your "happy" place!!