Saturday, March 20, 2010


Happy Saturday Everyone!

Yes, I'm feeling it: Spring is here! So what if snow is predicted for today -- we know it will at least melt now. We have "something" to look forward to -- it can only get better!

Today I am posting more pictures from Retreat (also see previous post). I have so many pictures that I decided to group them in collages, as I am having a really hard time staying on line to get this post done as it is. Have I ever told you that I HATE MY DIAL-UP ON-LINE SERVICE??? Well I do. For all of you out there who have high-speed cable, or anything other than dial-up -- you are blessed!! I'm about so ready to spend the thousands of dollars to put up my own tower -- it would be so worth it. Anyway, I regress. Here are the pictures. Remember to double-click on them to enlarge -- as they are a little small to see the detail.

This was my VERY favorite class I took -- because it only lasted about 10 minutes, and in real life the jewelry and inserts are so beautiful. I did a few more after class using rub-ons and even an adhesive-backed rhinestone from the Eggcellent Eggs Kit (see my next post for pictures of the class using this kit). The tiny blue jewelry insert in the bottom-right corner uses the Eggcellent Eggs rub-on and rhinestone. You really have to double-click on the picture to blow it up, and even then my picture is not that great. I will be making lots more of these.

This is my favorite design for the jewelry insert. I used a rub-on on top of the Charming flower stamp in White Craft Ink. I love using the rub-ons because I can see to position them better.

Here are some of the prizes I won and gifts from Ronda and Melissa. Some are not in the picture because I accidently put them in my daughter's 12" x 12" Keeper (which was our goodie bag full of free product), and she took it home. Yes, I texted her and told her not to get any ideas of keeping the goodies!!

These are the make'n takes we did during the weekend. The bottom-left is a 6" x 6" album page that I will be making into a 12" x 12" layout. The bottom-middle is a 12" x 12" page layout. I loved all of our designs -- Ronda and Melissa do such a beautiful job creating the projects.

Stay tuned, I still have pictures to show in my next post of the beautiful scrapbooking pages we did, including what I submitted for the contest!!


  1. Sandi, I love how you grouped your pics together. I finished doing mine and then found something I didn't include so had to retake pic. This happened 2 times and I am not doing it again (forgot the pillow box). WOW, I can't believe all that we got and what we made. TFS.

  2. Like the tail on the bunny box added it to mine. With all the pictures I can see why we had no time to chat we were so busy creating (well at least I was:))

  3. Get goodies, love the projects. The bunny box is really cute.

  4. Meant to say great goodies and forgot to say how much I love the jewelry. I really need to try these.