Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Retreat Getaway!!

What an awesome weekend I had. Ronda Wade and Melissa Roberts hosted their semi-annual Scrapin' and Stampin' Getaway Retreat this last weekend. I had so much fun -- I'm still on a high! I laughed and played hard let me tell you. I can't say I worked hard -- because that is not why I go to retreat (like most people). I go to socialize, for the classes, and for the prizes (at least I'm honest and admit to being greedy). And as usual, the classes were totally awesome along with the prizes. I feel a little guilty because I won so much, but of course not enough to stop playing, LOL.

On Friday Ronda always has the PJ contest and this was the first time I have participated. I double-dog dared the other ladies to enter so we gave Dianne Emery (the winner in the last five Retreats) some competition. It was hilarious. I was a garbage bag with scraps glued all over it (as I get accused of going through the garbage for scraps thrown away -- doesn't everybody do this????). My daughter went as "Maxine" and won the contest. I have to admit she did look cute, but then I am partial. Actually everybody was cute. Dianne Emery and my sister Kathleen both had tons of flowers attached with pins on their PJs. We should have stood them out front of the motel as a "flower stand" to make some money selling flowers. My dear friend Patti Matejewski was a princess of course, and Kim had her T-shirt decorated with the Sweet Pea Felt Flowers (I would go into more detail, but my blog is G-rated).

Anyway, for today, I am only posting pictures of Friday night, along with the PJ contest participants. You really had to be there to feel the "laughter" and fun we had. Ronda and Melissa truly treat us like queens for the entire weekend.

And here are our hostesses!! They are holding one of the gifts they made for everybody. A birdy mini album with our names on the front -- we are so spoiled! Thank you Ronda and Melissa for another awesome weekend -- I had more fun than I can describe in this blog!!

Here is the group shot of the PJ Contest participants: (from left to right: Patti Matejewski, Kim, myself, Dianne Emery, Kathleen Miller (my sister), Jane Delau, and Tricia (my daughter) sitting on the table of course (she is such a drama queen).

And the winner is "Tricia"!! If you haven't guessed already, she is the famous "Maxine" from the cartoon.

Here is a close-up of her nasty slippers (see if you can guess what they were made from)!!

Here is the back of her robe with the Birdie made with the Big Shot die (all of the flowers were made with material cut from Big Shot dies)

Here we are soothing crazy Maxine so she doesn't start spouting off!

Close up of Dianne's Garden Flower PJ's -- another great use of the Big Shot to make all her flowers, which were all embellished!!

A close-up of Patti's PJ's

Here is a close-up of Kathleen's PJ's with all her pins made with the Big Shot dies.

Here is my other sister, Lois, working away -- next time she will be getting into the contest.

My guest, friend, and neighbor Cheryl trying to hide her face from me. This was her first time going to the event and I think we shocked her with how crazy we get (of course this was also taken after she used her drink ticket)!!!!

I have lots more pictures, so stay tuned to see some of the projects we did, along with other event pictures. Ronda's next weekend retreat will be in November -- so start saving your money if you think you would like to go. You will not be disappointed, I can promise you!



  1. Sandi, what a riot! I love your comments on the photos...I see you sneek one in of me--- shame on you. Now I will have to resort to posting your photo (that you tried so hard to mess up!). I am too tired tonight (9:00) so I am going to bed early. Love my new mattress..See you later.

  2. Looks like you had a great time. I love your P.J.'s but they don't look like they would be comfy for sleeping. Will I see these in Salt Lake?

  3. Oh, are just so special!! I couldn't ever imagine one of my retreats without you!! It was FUN!! I think I laughed so hard my cheeks hurt when I went to bed. I can hardly wait till the next one. I think I'm going to convince Melissa to do a mini one in between. Just a one dayer. What do you think?
    Love you!

  4. So about those houseshoes. They look like Maxi Pads for Maxine to me LOL!

  5. Love the pics! Thanks for sharing! I've seen those slippers before made with Maxi pads - LOL!

    Cynthia Ferenz
    Proud Parent of 2 soldiers

  6. Oh my gosh Sandi, looks like you girls had a blast! I love Maxine! What a super fun Retreat!