Monday, May 10, 2010


Happy Day Everyone!!

Well my pampering is over -- but it was awesome while it lasted.  My daughter, Deborah, had the whole family over to her place for Mother's Day yesterday, which was the first time I had seen her new house since she had unpacked.  Saturday night she decided to pull all the carpeting up in the living and dining rooms as it was gross.  You could not believe the beautiful original oak flooring underneath.  This home was owned by one owner, and I think it was built the year I was born (so that would make it 29 yrs. old?!?! -- LOL).  Anyway, she cooked steaks on the grill and veggies -- delicious!!  Then while she was setting up dinner she made one of her famous chocolate, chocolate cakes from scratch (the one on the Hershies Cocoa Box) so we could celebrate her son's/my second oldest grandson's birthday after dinner (he turns 18 today).  Simply beautiful day, with everybody there.  Now back to reality today!!

So I thought I would celebrate Mother's Day a little longer by showing you pictures of my 6" x 6" baby shower game/child's album.  What does this mean?  Well, you play the game at the baby shower and then when it is over you give the new mom the book to use as an album.  Mom has many choices at this point:  keep it assembled as is; cut the pages in half and put in 6" x 6" album; or cut and make page layouts for larger album.  This album uses one-half of the Cool Kids Scrappin' Kit to make 24 pages; and still enough left over to embellish larger pages.  The fun thing is, she can flip over the directions and each note (inside the envelopes) is all set to pop in picture or journal (switch brads on notes to back side also). 

Matching box to hold game/album and front of album using On Board So Tweet chipboard. 

 Rules of the game, which can be flipped over to plop in picture with mat behind.

The rest of these pictures are in no particular order, just showing the different page layouts (did I tell you there are 24 pages in this mini album???) 

 Close up of a note with game directions.  Each layout has different game instructions.  Mom can flip this card over (has same stamped image on back) and use for journaling or whatever.

I did have to use a rub-on so it says "me & you"  There was no "you" in the kit.


I love this page because I got to use my "Woody" stamp (this might have been in my discontinued rubber stamps).

Remember to right-click on the pictures and select "open in new tab" if you want to see larger detail in the picture.  I loved doing this project, and did not even do it for anything special.  I made it after I went to my niece's baby shower and seeing one that was not decorated.  (I'm assuming the pages were blank so mom could complete.)

Thanks for stopping by, and I hope you all had a beautiful Mother's Day.



  1. This is very cute! Thanks for sharing. Hope you don't mind if I scrap-lift, I'm always looking for new ideas for minis.

  2. really cute album; thanks for sharing; is there a share??

  3. Is this the same one I seen? I don't remember if it was or not. Anyway, I LOVE it and I too, would like to scraplift. I have to get busy on small album for Jenna's baby pictures. I like the choice of colors. Bright and primary colors for children. Great Job...

  4. Nice album you did a good job. I can see where this would be a super hit at any shower.

  5. Sandi this album is awesome!!!!!!!! You've been busy my friend :)

  6. Wow! This is great. I bet you spent quite a bit of time making this. Wonderful job!!!