Monday, August 9, 2010


Happy Rainy Day Everybody!

I can't believe I am saying this, but isn't it great that we are finally getting some rain!  Actually, I would love to have one rainy day every week.  Why?  Because I can stay in my pj's all day, of course!!  Today I had a surprise however.  One of my customers was at my front door even before I got out of bed -- yikes!!  Yes, I slept in until 8:30 a.m. this morning.  So here I am answering my phone and coming around the corner to the living room as she is saying, "Hi, I'm at your front door."  And yep, my awesome husband had left to go get the newspaper and didn't close the storm door, so my customer got to see me in my boxer shorts and T-shirt!!  Tell me I didn't jump about 6 feet off the floor.  So the moral of the story is to get your husband trained to close the door when he leaves (and don't wait until he is 70, like mine, because you will never get him trained!).

I've had a great couple of days since I posted last Wednesday.  My family took me out for my birthday dinner, and pampered me like the princess that I am (yes, I do have a little vain streak in me along with my huge attitude streak).  Then yesterday my daughter had a birthday party for her boyfriend, making her awesome lasagna with a yummy fruit salad (which included watermelon, my favorite); and of course cake and ice cream.  Prior to going over for dinner, my grand-daughter came over with her friend to scrapbook and make our birthday cards for the birthday dinner.  And the topper for the week (kinda like dessert for me), was that I read my new James Patterson book I got for my birthday on Thursday (yep, didn't do anything else but fix dinner that day).  So how about that for one awesome week!

Oh, I almost forgot -- I also got my Paisley Prints Baggie Book cards done AND my Convention Make'N takes!!  So my cards today feature the Paisley Prints stamp set, with the designs all created by our awesome leader of the RubberQueens, Ronda Wade.  I did have to alter a few based on the fact I didn't have some of her stamps, and just because we all have to tweak something to make it "our" card.  I guess in my case, you could say my tweaks are because of my boo boos!  Ronda's designs are always awesome so I normally do them exactly like hers (or as close as I can with my limited talents), but I had some "dah" moments necessitating some tweaking -- LOL.  So here they are:

I can't wait until tomorrow when I get the new Snowflake Embossing Folder, isn't it gorgeous!

I loved how Ronda shaded her Paisley Pumpkin stamp with the Expresso Marker (at least I think she did, because that is what I did on this card).

This featured the new Paisley Party Wheel and Antique Brads (to die for!).  I misted the punched flower with water, scrunched it up a lot, unscrunched and used my distressing file to split the cardstock and peel up the petals.  Then I misted with shimmer paint (enlarge picture to see how gorgeous this is).

This is my favorite card of the group.  I loved that Ronda used the faux layering technique and then added the shimmer paint to the whole card (another one that needs to be enlarged -- so pretty in person).

Okay, I was having a "dah" moment on this one.  A perfect example of the rule, "Quit while you are ahead," which I still haven't learned yet (okay, I can see you all out there shaking your head yes - stop it!).  Well I thought (it doesn't pay for me to think) that I would add my touch to this by using the Pinking Hearts corner punch.  Yep, it looked ugly!  So being the cheap person that I am, I just glued the punched part back on my card.  Honest, you can't really tell!!

And finally, here are all of the packaged Baggie Books I have done so far at Ronda's events.  I just love these because they are so handy to take with me and show customer's the beautiful cards you can create with just one stamp set.

Thank you so much Ronda for these terrific card layouts.  Only "YOU" could take this stamp set and really make it shine!!  

Until my next post, remember:  "If you keep in tune with Christ, you can sing even in the dark." 



  1. I like the valentine one! It's really cute with the little hearts on it.

  2. These are fantastic. You always amaze me. Way to go Sandi. Thanks also for your kind comment on my DDs card, she just lite up everytime she got a comment. It also put a smile on my face watching her get such a kick out of it.

  3. WHOWZERS I sure love YOU idea here
    you are so brilliant Sandi
    I love every CARD!

  4. Love the cards. Could you explain what baggie books are. I think I have the concept but would love to know for sure. Thanks, Mary

  5. What can I say that hasn't been said before me! I love the Grateful Greetings the best. The way you did the flower is OOTW!. Great job on all of them. Love the baggie books. Glad you got all your projects caught up. Lois

  6. Wow! They look great! I am with Mary Campbell in needing a bit more info. on just what a "baggie book" is. Can you take the cards out to show them and then reuse the topper? Any help would be appreciated.
    Sheri K

  7. Yea I was with everyone else on what exactly a baggie book was but now know after talking to you and think it is a super idea. You need to go in and explain it better so us laim people understand who were not their.I think the part about a baggie for each card would help. And that they are attached with a brad. Not a paisley lover but the Remember When card would be the best of the bunch for me.