Monday, October 18, 2010


Good Morning America!

Well to me it is still morning -- but afternoon for some.  Yes, I am giving you a "little" break from vintage today -- but not completely.  I decided to go ahead and post my cards today from card class instead of waiting.  But don't worry for all of those awesome followers who have sent me an e-mail saying "they loved vintage," one of my class cards is vintage!!  My stamping group is always telling me they wish they could do vintage, so I decided to give them a little taste of vintage without going hog-wild (like I usually do). 

So I threw in a new technique with the vintage (I don't know what it is called - LOL), let them experiment with Stampin' Up's new Distressing Kit, and told them to give it their best shot.  I couldn't believe how well they did (especially Tricia because she usually doesn't like anything new thrown at her -- and both her cards turned out better than my sample).  The beauty of this class, as I told them at the beginning, there would not be any 2 cards that looked the same (you will see why when you look at the cards).  So this was really a lot of fun for me because I got to actually look at all different "takes" based on how they decided to CASE the samples.  Let me tell you, these girls made me proud!! 

You will also notice that 2 of these card designs (punch cards) are totally "out of my comfort zone."  Thank goodness I had seen some done a while back that gave me the ideas (no I didn't save a copy of those cards -- but the idea was still in my head that I wanted to do a similar card(s) some day).

So here they are:

I cannot believe this is the first time I have used this set -- especially when I got it months ago "I just HAD TO have it!"  My inspiration for the card came from one of our make'n takes we did at Convention this summer.  I really enjoyed seeing all the different finished cards made during class.  They were all different, and all beautiful.

Ah yes, the "Love Birds" -- I just thought this was so cute.  And it was great because I had a request for an anniversary card.  And wouldn't you know, I did not have one current sentiment stamp that I wanted to use (yeah, yeah I had a couple, but they were too small of a font). 

Everybody loved this one.  The inside of mine was the "Live, Laugh, and Love Happy Birthday" sentiment.  However, one of the ladies (yes, I'm talking about you Cheryl) needed a retirement card so I found a couple of cute retired sentiment stamps that were perfect for retirement and still fit in with the front sentiment.

And here is my vintage!!  Sorry for the bad picture, the colors are a lot more vibrant IRL and you can see the sentiment which was stamped in Whisper White.  I had seen a card a while back (don't know who created and it looked different than this) that used acrylic paint for a background layer.  Being as I had a whole tube of white acrylic paint left over from painting my Halloween pumpkins white (previous post), I decided I wanted to try it for myself.  It was really fun, and I will be using this medium again in future projects for sure.  It makes me mad that I couldn't get a good picture as this doesn't even look like Cajun Craze on Confetti White, but after 10 pictures I said, "forget it, it's not happening."
Well, I'm off to get a couple of projects completed so I can take them with me to retreat this weekend.  One thing I have to do is design at least six 2-page album spreads (12" x 12") so they are done before retreat.  Then I can just pop the pictures in when I get there and feel like I did "something."  Most people would take the materials with them and do it then.  Well, I can't do that, for two reasons:  (1) I am taking all of the five classes Ronda and Melissa have offered and (2) I will be socializing in between classes!!  Isn't that why we go?

"It is a sad day when you find out that it's not accident or time or fortune but just yourself that kept things from you."  -- Lillian Hellman


  1. I know you're going to have fun this weekend. Just be sure and blog about it. Oh, and I love the worm. I may have to case that one.

  2. Well what can I say but that I want to do them ALL !!! They are all so great I need to case them right away for my show coming up. So that is what I am going to do right now. Except I do not have the owl punch so will have to wait on that one till I get the punch but will put it on my wish list for sure. Thanks for all the great ideas, keep them coming, love ya sis

  3. I LOVE the owl card! And the bookworm is adorable...great for a Mommy and Me class!

  4. great job, Sandi. My favorites are also the owls and bookworm. Can't wait til Friday. TFS