Monday, October 25, 2010

Retreat Classes

Wow, what a fast weekend at Retreat!!  It seems like I was walking in the door one minute and the next I was carting a heavy load back out.  Reminded me of Thanksgiving dinner.  You know:  start baking pies and cleaning house 2 days before Thanksgiving; the day before get those molded salads done, breads, casseroles, bread cubed for stuffing; and then get up in the wee hours of Thanksgiving day to make stuffing and get the turkey in oven, peel potatoes, and make gravy a couple of hours before guests arrive (if it doesn't turn out, quickly run to store to buy canned gravy).  And then you sit down to eat and everybody is done in 15 minutes!!!  This year I did something different:  I didn't start packing 2 days before and worrying if I was taking the right stuff (or what I was going to forget).  Nope, I started the night before and finished the next morning.  I thought to myself, "Sandi this is great, gotta do this more often (now I know why Ronda waits until the last minute)."  Well guess what?  I'm not going to do that again -- don't even ask how many "important" things I forgot to bring!  So the moral of the story is:  I should have remembered all the times Ronda has forgotten her adhesive, scissors, etc., at her RubberQueen meetings -- if you wait until the last minute you WILL forget to pack important items!!!

However, I made the best of it and worked around the forgotten items.  Even tho I felt miserable from my cold, I accomplished everything I wanted to accomplish and attend all the classes.  Another awesome retreat and awesome classes.  I take my hat off to Ronda and Melissa -- they continue to surprise us and WOW us.  And this time, Tamie Ackerson joined them to help out (and to also pick on me continuously even tho I was on my death bed with a cold).

Today I am going to show you the cards I did at Ronda's Friday night card class and the bulletin board I made at Melissa's Saturday night class.  I love taking their classes and it is the highlight of every Retreat I have attended (which is all of them!!).  Everything they do is beautiful.  But see for yourself, as I will be posting all the projects in the coming weeks.

We did 4 each of the four cards shown here -- so a total of 16 cards and envelopes.

My favorite of the cards -- I just love this snowman, and the chunky glass glitter really made this sparkle.

I thought this card looked so elegant in the Basic Gray -- my favorite SU cardstock.

This is so beautiful in person -- love the Décor Elements!!  I added a few more decorated pins to the board because they are so much fun to make.

Close up of my added metal butterfly tack that I embossed.

Close-up of added button and metal embossed flower tacks.

Close-up of Melissa's paper flower with button.

Another metal flower tack that I embossed.

Close-up of Melissa's tag -- so cute!!
 Okay, that is all I have for you today.  I hope you enjoyed.  Let me know which one you liked the most (I know, it is hard), and please stop back as there are lots more pictures from retreat.

"The character of your children tomorrow depends on what you put into their hearts today." -- unknown.


  1. Hi Sandi! The cards you made a so pretty and I love love love the decor elements message board. Such a great idea! I have yet to touch DE myself.

    Glad to hear you had a good time despite having a cold. I hope you are feeling 100% better!
    Hugs - Jacki

  2. Gosh Sandi, these all look familiar!! I also love all the classes at the weekend retreat. Next time I will leave 2/3 of the stuff I took this time at HOME! TFS. P.S. now what am I going to put on my blog???

  3. I really like the second card using the tree ornament bulb. I am just starting to make my 3D Christmas projects for my Christmas show coming up and am using the ornament stamp set and punch on some of the projects. You did not mention what the colors were but I really like the deep colors on this card. Well I guess that well have to be one of my questions tomorrow when we talk. Sorry I could not be there but if I went I probably would of cought you cold and with my show coming up cannot afford to be sick these next two weeks.

  4. These are awesome, Sandi!! I so wish I could have been there - it was one of my goals this year, but things change :) Too bad I can't do those classes long distance. Thanks for sharing them!!