Thursday, February 10, 2011


Hello Everybody!

Boy did I ever get Spring fever today!!  I mean, can you believe that sunshine and clear sky all day long.  And here I was stuck in the house all day cleaning!!  Well somebody has to do it.  I don't have a Tamie, and my husband doesn't do laundry (thank goodness!) or cook dinner (another thank goodness), so that leaves only one person in the house that has "hands."  I haven't yet taught my ex-boys how to clean yet, all they do is drag their toys around the house all day and eat my shoes!  Notice I said "ex-boys."  I guess you would call them "its" now -- they both had major surgury 2 weeks ago next Monday so they are "its" now.  I've already noticed that their voices have changed, but that is about it (well, there is that "other thing" that is not there any longer, or is that "things" -- I really don't know???).  I feel sorry for them because it wasn't like we asked them their opinion, and it just doesn't seem natural not to have the ability to have fun any longer.  I guess maybe that is why they at up another pair of my shoes this week -- payback???

Okay, I just looked at the clock and Bones is going to be on in a few minutes so I am going to make this short and just show you the last of my cards from Ronda's event featuring product from the Occasions Mini Catalog.  And here they are:

Yes, it has been a couple of years since I used my "Kindness" Jumbo Wheel and the matching "Simply Said" stamp set.  Isn't it gorgeous with the "Build A Blossom" stamp set and coordinating "Blossom Petals Punch."  I used the "Scallop Trim Corner Punch" for the trim. 
Very simple card using one of the petals from the "Build A Blossom" stamp set and the punch for the candle flame and "Presto Patterns Specialty Designer Series Paper" for the candle.

Everybody loved my little fishies made with two of the stamps from "Build A Blossom" stamp set.  I got the idea for doing the fishes from Jackie Topia, but added shimmer paint to mine directly to the stamp after inking.  I can't believe it turned out of my very first try.
And here is my last one, using the stamp set and "Fun Flowers bigz L Die" for my flower and "Priceless" stamp set.

Okay, I have to run so I can make my salad and get settled in for "Bones."  Looking forward to my scrapbooking night tomorrow, it has been a long time.

Until next time,
"In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you." -- 1 Thessalonians 5:18


  1. Your cards are beautiful. Would you share how you make the trim with the corner punch? Also loved your flower on the last card. Would love to know how you did that too! Full of questions aren't I. Have a fabulous day and thanks for sharing. Followed over from LNS.

  2. Hard to stop laughing after you comments about Harley and Walley....
    What can I say about your first card but "flower power..go 60's". I already told you I love the candle card really want to case this one for sure and never would of though to use that punch for it. Still cannot figure out how to do the fish when I get the supplies you will have to walk me through it because I love, love, love it. And the last card is so pretty, still have not given enough effort on the flower making yet have to catch up on my designs been off toooo much on the burner waiting to be created..and so many cases to copy. thanks for all the ideas.

  3. Sandi you are a riot! Your poor doggies...oh well, those 'things' get them into trouble anyway lol! I love all of your cards - as usual. I can't wait to get my blossoms stamp & punch so I can make the fishies too. That is so brilliant. Love the last card - thats my favorite. So pretty. Glad you had some time to create with all that cleaning!

  4. Great use of the stamp and punch. Loved all 3 cards

  5. Love all of the cards!! I am going to go get my punch out and try what you did!