Sunday, February 3, 2013


Had lots of fun over the weekend.  Friday I spent the day visiting and stamping with my middle daughter, Deborah; more stampin' on Sunday with daughter Tricia while playing with my great-grandson and trying to burn my house down -- just for Stampin' Up!!  (More to that story below.)  Honestly, there is never a dull-moment in my house.  But you know, "life" is for living; and I try to live every day like it is my last (which it almost was Saturday).  My husband finally asked me today why the house smelled like there was a fire!  I laughed so hard I couldn't hardly get the story out of my mouth -- couldn't believe it took him almost 2 days before he noticed (I told my daughter I was going to test him to see if his "smeller" still worked). 

Okay, I promised to show you the rest of the cards we did at card class last weekend.  I know, what was the hold-up??  Well, I wanted to also show you this cute box I made for the WOW table at Ronda Wade's RubberQueens Founder's Circle Event she has as a reward for demonstrators meeting certain criteria.  Problem was I ended up giving the box to Ronda (with special Stampin' Up! cookie inside) and forgot to take a picture.  I made about 50 cookies to take besides that one, but they were also all gone. 

So all week I kept saying I was going to make some more cookies and that just didn't happen. Therein I came up with this brainstorm to make "one" cookie that wouldn't mold to put in my cute box.  So, I dumped a little flour, butter, and salt (don't know why I added that, but all recipes call for a pinch of salt) in a bowl and mixed it up like pie dough, stamped it with the "Stampin' Up!" cookie stamp (last year's Convention item). 

Being the impatient person that I am, I stuck it in the microwave for 4 minutes.  And, like the good cook that I am, I checked it at 2 minutes -- still looked like it needed more time, so put it back in for last 2 minutes, then went back downstairs to stamp.  All of a sudden my daughter says she smells something burning and went upstairs to check.  She starts screaming at me that there is a fire.  Who would have thought?!?!!?  I didn't take her seriously until I came upstairs and couldn't see through the smoke to get to the microwave.  Needless to say, I won't be making any "no mold" cookies again.  Can't wait to get my electric bill next month, as I had to open all the windows (with the furnace running continuously) and put the ceiling fans on, light tons of candles, washed my microwave down with soda paste (all the scorch marks are still there).  Morale of story:  Do as the micro-wave directions say:  Do Not Leave Your Micro-wave Unattended!!"

And here is the "famous box":

Now isn't this "smokin"!!  And what makes it even more "smokin" is the fact you can get this Simply Sent Happy Hello card kit FREE!!  You get 8 cards and envelopes and everything to decorate this card from Stampin' Up's Sale-A-Bration promotion going on right now!!  (NOTE:  There is no cookie in my cello bag!! -- sad face.)  The box will also hold little note cards, which I plan on doing for my next box.

We made this box and note cards at Ronda's Founder's Circle.  Another stamp set you can earn FREE during Sale-A-Bration:  Patterned Occasions Stamp Set.  Love it!!

Top of box close-up.

Another FREE Sale-A-Bration Stamp Set:  Madison Avenue.  We did this card at my last card class.

Here is the inside, using one of the five sentiments from, "Feel Goods Stamp Set."

I loved this card (shown previously) so much that I included it in my last card class.  All the stamps (plus more) are in the "Happy Hour Stamp Set."

And here is the inside of the card using another FREE Sale-A-Bration set:  "Vintage Verses."
Do you want to earn any of these free Sale-A-Bration products?  It is so easy, call me to find out how!!

Until next time,

"In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths." — Proverbs 3:6


  1. That's a lot of Sale-A-Brating you have done, Sandi. ;-) Thanks for sharing your beautiful samples.

  2. Great stuff as always Sandi!!!

  3. I told you Sandi you should of used the plaster instead of the flour! But I NEVER would of guessed that you were going to cook it, let alone for 4 min. I would of just air dried it. But the box is awful pretty. I just ordered some of those new brads you have on the tag of box and card. They sure do add some bling. Like the Madison Avenue Card.

  4. Great story, Sandi. Got my chuckles for the day. LOL Your Sale-a-bration cards sre very nice. I will have to case them with the stamp sets I have gotten already. TFS.