Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Well, don't get your hopes up people!!  Sorry, there are no projects to show you today. 

When you look at these pictures below you will know why.  Yes, my dear sweet Ronda (who is my adopted daughter, who I love to death, and Queen of the RubberQueens) asked me to do a presentation for her Color Crazy Days event this Saturday.  Yes, she has been adopted long enough to know, like my birth-daughters, that I have a hard time saying "NO."  Even tho I keep telling her that nothing is easy for me, I really don't think she "gets it."  She knows perfectly well that I have "issues," -- one of them being that I cannot stay "focused" and the worst/biggest problem is that I cannot just sit down and design 20 cards or ANY PROJECT in a couple of  hours (like she did yesterday and all the time).

But does she care??  NO!! She just keeps making me work out of my "box."  Yesterday, she had the nerve to e-mail me to say "keep it simple....You don't need to have a big display!!!  Oh my gosh, doesn't she realize this is how I "keep it simple."  So today I am showing the proof, in pictures, of how totally out of hand I get when trying to "design" -- if you want to call my work anything close to "designing."  What a TOTAL MESS!!  Does your craft room look like this?  I highly doubt it, but if it does I can totally relate!  Enjoy your laugh for the day, but I will eventually have the last "laugh" with Ronda -- I will get her when she least expects it, somewhere/somehow.

Bet you can't guess what my presentation is?

Dah, guess you can figure it out now!

Stay tuned for my next post when I will show the results of my "keep it simple" presentation.  Maybe I'll even post a couple of pictures of my "cleaned" space.  But it will be a short post as Convention is just a couple weeks away and I have classes to prepare for (yes, another messy room) before I leave.

Have a great week  -- keep cool -- and yes Ronda, I still love you (just watch out)!!



  1. My craft room looks that way most of the time. I do have to clean it up once in awhile. Looks like your doing great on your projects. See you Sat.

  2. Sandi,
    All I noticed is what a great craft room you have! I look forward to seeing your "simple project" lol. I'm envious that you'll be going to convention too but I hope you will take pics and share them with me! xo Jacki

  3. I'm glad I'm not the only one that works like that. I usually mess up my studio and then move out to my dinning table(that seats 8), over to the coffee table and end on my bed lost in stamping supplies. Then my wonderful husband comes home from working 12 hours gives me a kiss looks around and says "so how was your day?" The man is a saint because he knows it will be days before I get the mess cleaned up only to do it all again. LOL keep stamping I love your work

  4. Oh, name is really MUD!! Your stamp room looks fine to me...I'll post pictures of mine tomorrow on my'll have to check and see. It might not be up as early as you want..but they will be there. I can't wait to see your "simple" display!!! I truly LOVE you to pieces! And, you can tell me's okay. I'l just ask you again the next time.
    Love you,

  5. WHAT MESS? IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL A MESS? Go to my blog if you want to really see a mess. Sorry Sandi but this is one time when your sister has to disagree with you.

  6. Oh Sweetie, you and I could be sisters. When I design stuff by the finish I can't even find my glue runner or anything. Everything gets lost and buried. So in short I feel your pain.

  7. Oh my, you are making me FOTF and LMBO...I just wish I had a craft area half the size of yours and then be able to MESS it up! Like sister, Kathleen, said "If you want to see a mess just visit me when I am trying to come up with something ORIGINAL and "SIMPLE". Can't wait to see the "simple" project. Since this is Sat evening I am sure you will put it on shortly. See you.