Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Good evening all!

Yes, I'm a hoppin' and skippin' around my room at the Radisson!!  Woohoo!  I made it to Stampin' Up Convention 2010, with ALL my baggage!!  Guess this means I have to change my clothes every once in a while now. 

My day started at 2:15 a.m. when I got up, which was 15 minutes earlier than my alarm was set.  My husband was already up and waiting patiently for me (don't you just hate that!).  So I rushed around and was out the door by 3:20 a.m., headed to the airport.  All my flights were overbooked so I knew ahead of time that it was going to be an interesting day -- and it was.  Left Flint pretty much on time, but when I got to Detroit my flight had already listed as a half-hour delay due to shortage of crew (that was a little scary when you think about what shape they might be in when they got there -- had they been flying around all night????).  Well after boarding the plane, we sat for over an hour and a-half first for a computer part (some more scary stuff), then for the signal men to direct us (hmm, don't they teach these pilots how to back-up the plane when they get their license??).  So by the time we left, I knew there was no way I was going to make my connection in Denver to get to Salt Lake City.  So I just went to sleep as it was someone else's problem and they would figure it out.  The good news is that they did take care of the problem.  When I got to Denver, they handed me a new boarding pass to jump on another plane that was taking off right then.  I was a little nervous about my bag catching up with me (you know, the bag with all my clothes I talked about in my previous post).  But I was blessed again because there was my baggage when I finally found the baggage claim area (that is another long story about me getting lost when I got off the plane -- but I'm used to that so wasn't really ruffled about that either).

So here I am, in my room, feeling pretty comfy and waiting for the other shoe to drop as my roommate isn't here yet (she should have been -- hmm, I hope her day wasn't like mine).  So I am going to close for now and wait to post this when I find out what happened to her.  Stay tuned!

Here is a picture to look at while we wait:

The scene outside our hotel room window -- gorgeous!

Okay, one more shot.

Update:  Lynn made it safe and sound.  We went for a yummy dinner of summer squash soup and salad so we wouldn't get full and could split a fried banana split dessert with caramel pecans and chocolate on top!!  Oh so yummy!!  Now it's time to organize for the big day tomorrow.  Hope to have some awesome pictures for you tomorrow.

Until then, hugs to all


  1. Yay Sandi! You made it safe & sound :) I am so happy for you and excited to live through you. Keep posting when you get a chance! xo Jacki

  2. Glad you made it and so thankful to Lynn that she will be their to keep you in check. My prayer go out to her that she will not have to see or smell you in dirty clothes for the furation of your trip, glad the luggage arrived with you. Miss you already look forward to daily updates, have fun and bring me back lots of new ideas love ya sis.