Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Automated SU Workshop Forms

Where have I been? What have I been doing? It's called "office work." Ugh, I hate it but somebody has to do it. So for the last week I have been typing labels for my stamp boxes (stamps I have purchased within last year); cutting pictures of the stamp sets out of the catalog to insert in the stamp box; moving retired sets to another cabinet (for storage until I have a sale); and finally I updated my automated SU Order Forms (Customer, Demonstrator, & Hostess) with the items from the new 2009-10 Idea Book and Catalog, Definitely Decorative Catalog, and Dormant List. Yikes, what a job -- I think I went "completely" blind doing the Definitely Decorative Catalog. Anyway, here is a link to the new forms (stored in Splitcoast Stampers' Demonstrator Forums):


After typing in the Item #, the form populates with the Item Name/Description and the formulas figure tax and shipping and all other totals). I use this form for all my orders (including mine) so I have an exact total for my customers and myself before I enter into OEX. If it doesn't match; I don't submit the order until I find the error (knock on wood, so far I have never messed up a customer order). If you have Microsoft Excel 2000 or later installed on your PC, follow the directions on the web site to download and try it out. Totally awesome if you have a laptop you can install on because you can take it to your workshops!!

Enjoy, and now I can go stamp and update this sorrowful blog with something really good!!


  1. Thank you bib sis for all your hard work. It sure does help me out when I do my orders.


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  3. Sorry it should say BIG sis but as you know I did graduate from Grand Ledge. Of course we will not talk about the collage spelling class I did not pass either


  4. Kathleen, you should have quit when you were ahead!! What is a "collage spelling class?"

    Sandi, Thanks for the forms as I like them also for my personal orders also. Now I know why you haven't uploaded any projects. I just uploaded more on my blog. Talk with you later. P.S. tried calling 3:00 this pm but line was busy. will try again tomorrow.

  5. Thanks for sharing, Sandi! You're the best!