Friday, June 19, 2009

Studio and Party Pictures

Thought I would put in a couple of pictures of my studio that got taken over by the graduation open house party. Here are some before party pictures, and pictures of what my studio normally looks like when it is CLEAN (not very often--LOL). This is the "BEFORE" pictures:

Above is my desk where I do all my crafting. All my supplies that I use the most are in the cabinets or in front of me, making it very handy.

The picture to the right is my daughter Tricia and good friend Shirley, taken at one of my classes. They are sitting at the work stations pictured on the left (yah, this was taken when I first moved into my studio before I had it decorated).

Below are pictures taken before people arrived (only a few early family helpers were here). I took a few pictures inside and outside and then forgot to pick up the camera again!! I hate that when I do that -- didn't even get a picture of the graduate!! I KNOW "STUPID" WITH A BIG "S." Oh well, hopefully somebody else got some pictures. But I did have fun, even tho the weather could have been better. We even had a few late night swimmers!!

This is Holly, Emily's sister and my super helper for the day!! She worked her you know what off!!

My sister Kathy sitting at the table and Emily's Mom (my daughter), Tricia fixing the tables before the guests arrived. The other picture is down at the pond and fire pit -- DH was making sure the fire was going good!!

This is my grandson Zachary digging into the fruit.

And, finally, a very blurry picture of the pond.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my pictures. I hope you enjoyed seeing a little of my "other" life as a mother, grandmother, and wife!!

I will be back soon, Sandi

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  1. I have serious studio envy after seeing your pictures! Wow - I love it! Thanks for sharing them! :)